Lead Investigator

Lead Investigator

In this 2-days course you will get a unique insight on how aviation learns from Incidents and accident. There is a treasure trove of information hidden in your company´s reporting system. You just need to know how to break them down and work with your employees to achieve a more safe and efficient operation.

This is an open course. If you wish to enlist a group and the dates does not match, feel free to contact us.

This course will be available both in Danish and English


Through a thorough walk through Human Factors you will get an insight on how you can categorize your reports. We will look at different investigation models and root-cause analysis so you will learn to dissect the incident or accident at hand and how you can use this information for future improvements in your business.


You already work in the field of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality either as employee or manager.


#Human Factors

#5 X WHY

#Rot course analyses

#Case study

#Standart operating procedures

#Decision Making Models


The price for this 2-days course is 9.300 Dkr. pr. delegate.

This includes all material and welfare during the day.