Is there a passenger available that can assist the pilot?

Is there a passenger available that can assist the pilot?

Have you made a competence matrix in your company? A competence matrix is a fantastic tool especially for creating a clear visual picture on who is doing what and who is taking care of what, in case someone is not present. 

When backed up by a Standard Operation Manual where all possible tasks are described, you can continue your line of work with very little handover information. You could even have somebody, who does not have a clue about the task, take over. By incorporating describing checklists into your Standard Operating Procedures (also known as SOPs), you can now ask the people around you to assist in case of an emergency. 

Right now, people are becoming seriously ill and are sent home in quarantine. But who is to take over when it is “critical personnel?” You don’t need to be trained as a Pilot on the Boeing 737 to be able to “fly” the plane, but with very few instructions, you could actually assist the Pilot Flying so he/she can land the airplane safe.

If you are curious on how to build these manuals or are looking for new inspiration then let´s communicate!

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