Welcome to Tagea.dk

Welcome to Tagea.dk

Why is it important to focus on training?

Unfortunately most companies needs a serious accident before they start focusing on training of the human factors. Fact is that 75% of all accidents are human-factor related. We need to change this mind-set in the future and start focusing on training the NON-Technical skills to reduce numbers of accidents.

This is what happened for aviation; 40 years ago, two Jumbojets collided on the runway at Tenerife. The crash killed almost 600 people and is still the deadliest accident to date. Following this accident, aviation started focusing on the importance of training. A concept called Crew Resource Management was established. The rot of this, is working in a NON-punitive culture were people are trained to speak up, work as a team and that communication is the single most important toll. We do not point fingers; we find out what went wrong and then we train to do better in the future.

But this concept should not only be limited to aviation. Therefore Tagea is here to help your company with a rare insight in how aviation handles training.

As long as there are humans involved there will be mistakes, but statistics have shown us that through extensive training, we can limit the number of accidents/incident numerously. To take this concept a step further we say that this is now Company Resource Management. Read more about what we can offer on our webpage and do not hesitate to reach out. We will always find time for a meeting.

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