Do you master the art of communication?

Do you master the art of communication?

Communication is essential in all we do – most organisations agree to that statement.

But why is miscommunication then still root cause of most mistakes in operations?

To recognize that a discrepancy between what is happening and what should be happening is often the first indicator, that an error is occurring. The tool to identify a critical discrepancy is communication. 

Especially in situations where you feel the pressure of time, correct communication is essential to reduce risk and sustain operational excellence.

In many organizations, however, it is a delicate matter to question orders as it can be interpreted as questioning authority. Therefore, appropriate communication techniques must be taught to supervisors and their subordinates, so that supervisors understand that the questioning of authority need not be threatening, and subordinates understand the correct way to question orders. This may sound simple, but communication is a very complex subject. 

In any company that aims to foster a culture where authorities may be respectfully questioned, we need to put a focus on recurrent training of communication skills.

Are you curious on how you can improve in this area, then let´s communicate!

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