Can I serve you an ISBAR….?

Can I serve you an ISBAR….?

In the healthcare system in Denmark it is called ISBAR, in aviation it is called NITSA!

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. 

NITSA is a standardised way of communicating especially if you are in a time pressure and want to make sure the essentials are passed. But by all means it can be used just to pass basic information to your kids during a daily routine. The letters symbolising the words and information you need to include in your message:

N                   -Nature

I                     -Intention

T                    -Time

S                    -Specials

A                   -Announcement

The conversation would typically be:

You: “Are you ready for a NITSA?” (this will give your receiver the time to focus and maybe grab a pen and paper to remember the information he/she is about to receive)

Receiver “Yes”

You: “

(N) We need to clean the house

(I) all LEGO must be clear of the floor

(T) we have the next hour to do so

(S) all the bricks need to go in the boxes and the things you already have assembled can be put on the shelfs. 

(A) please pass this information to your brother. “

And once you are done with your NITSA ask people to repeat what you just said. Then we have a closed loop communication. That topic we will dig deeper into another day.

If you are curious on how you could benefit from NITSA in your company feel free to reach out and let´s communicate.

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