What is  
Human Factors                      -and how does it work?

Human Factors training is the psychological and physiological science behind why errors occur and how to reduce them through training.
It creates a safer and more effective person-centered way of working.
The aim of human factors training is to provide the participant tools through awareness of how individuals behave, how teams work, how equipment and environment are designed and how organizational structures and cultures function. Combining all these elements Human Factors training is a 360 solution to build and sustain culture and behavior.

We can help you reduce human errors, increase productivity and enhance safety!

The core elements of Human Factors are (also referred to as the Dirty Dozen:

-Fixation & Preoccupation
-Stress management
-Departure from Standart Operating Procedure
-Failure to meet target
-Violating Limitations & SOP
-Lack of knowledge
-Lack of Teamwork

Think smart – Act safe

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

As a Manager I used Tagea Consult to kickstart a newly established unit to set the course for cooperation and communication. As the sessions delivered easy applicable tools, we had visible results in the unit immediately after.

Logistic Regiment

Danish Defence Army

We learned to take care of eachother and to listen to our body. We have to think about our colleagues, because teamwork and communication is really important

Cabin Crew Member

Primera Air

Before a meeting we used Tagea Consult as a welcoming kick-off with informative knowledge on how aviation is handling training.


Round Table X

Tagea Consult took us on a fantastic visual tour about being a female pilot in a male dominted world


Ladies Circle – LCX